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ISO 27001, formerly known as ISO 17799, is an information security standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is accepted by professionals and organizations around the world.  Compliance with ISO 27001 is an avenue to illustrate that your organization’s internal controls, security, confidentiality and operating effectiveness of information systems are aligned with industry accepted best practices.  There are many reasons organizations choose ISO to align their governance frameworks, but most importantly it is recognized by thousands of companies worldwide and provides a streamlined methodology that enables global assurance.

What You Get

Our concept is to bridge the gap for our clients from wanting to comply to becoming compliant.  Skoda Minotti Risk Advisory Services deliverers cost effect solutions to meet your organization’s needs by understanding the regulatory pressures and the demands within your industry.  Each of our compliance initiatives are customized and designed to assist your company in a seamless process from the time we initiate the project to finalizing a roadmap for compliance.  Each organization is unique and we possess the knowledge related to ISO to assess your company’s risks and to provide guidance on industry accepted best practices.

An ISO 27001 preparedness review will provide your company with a benchmark report of how your organization compares with the ISO 27001 Standard and a step by step Road Map to conform to the ISO 27001 Standard.

What if I need assistance with implementing the appropriate policies and procedures?  Skoda Minotti Risk Advisory Services provides services from writing the actual policies and procedures to working with your management and operations on implementing controls.  Skoda Minotti Risk Advisory Services' consultants are skilled and experienced in assisting organizations to align their existing internal controls with ISO frameworks.

Need a Road Map to Compliance?

Contact us today to understand how we can assist you in becoming ISO 27001 compliant.

Benefits of ISO Compliance

  • Recognized with international best practices
  • Provide confidence to business partners
  • Increase control awareness
  • Useful for third-party due diligence evaluation

Why Us?

  • Fixed fee competitive pricing
  • Experience Auditors
  • Service-oriented dynamic thinkers


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