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Whether your company has implemented SAP software several years ago or recently put SAP into operation; Skoda Minotti Risk Advisory Services has experienced and qualified SAP Security consultants that can provide cost-effective solutions no matter what your needs.

Engineering new user access roles or redesigning existing roles can be a daunting task.  The average company will use less than 2,000 transactions to run their operations but they will have to choose those transactions from approximately 75,000 transactions offered by SAP software.  Our experience and expertise enable us to provide sound SAP security guidance based on your industry and organizational size.  Skoda Minotti Risk Advisory Services will help your organization to develop a maintainable and cost-effective SAP security program.  We provide our clients with customized, auditor approved approach that paves the way for our clients to reduce their Segregation of Duty (SoD) conflicts.  We offer cost-effective loan staffing, project managers or project oversight and advice for most SAP environments. Contact us to see how we can contribute to reducing and managing the risk within your organization.

SAP Solution Offerings

SAP Security Risk Assessment:

SoD conflicts can expose an organization to risk ranging from loss of business to fraud.  A SoD conflict occurs when an end user has access to transactions that cut across functional areas that should be separated, for example, a sole employee that can change or create a vendor record and can issue a check.  Skoda Minotti Risk Advisory Services takes an efficient high-level approach to analyzing your user roles to determine the level of exposure your organization has to SoD conflicts.  Need help with a risk assessment; contact us to see how we can assist your organization.

SAP Security Role Engineering or Redesigning:

Organizations need to redesign their user roles when they have reorganized their operations or the way they process data within SAP.  For many companies redesigning user, roles are simply because the roles were not designed properly in the first place and contain inefficiencies and SoDs.  The best time to think about user roles and the risk associated with them is when a company is migrating from a legacy system to SAP.  Implementing SAP with the proper user roles can make the transition run smoother, reduce risk and in the long run save money by avoiding costly redesign efforts.  Skoda Minotti Risk Advisory Services assists organizations with SAP security Role Engineering or redesign projects to provide benefits such as:

  • Increase risk management awareness and implementation
  • Reduction of fraud exposure
  • Reduction of costs for future redesign projects
  • Compliance with regulations such as SOX 404

Monitoring and Maintaining SAP Segregation of Duties:

Have you evaluated your company’s SoD conflicts since implementation?  SAP is very complex software with more levels of security than just transactions; there are objects, fields, BAPIs to name a few.  Our consultants have implemented GRC software within a SAP environment and where the company thought they had minimal exposure to risk, in reality they found they had over 650K SoDs.  Organizations need to develop a plan to monitor and maintain the security of their SAP system.  Skoda Minotti Risk Advisory Services can assist your organization in developing a proven security program.  We can provide guidance with GRC software and assist you with building a security team to continue the process.

SAP Environments We Serve

  • R3 – organizational information system designed to coordinate all the resources, information, and activities needed to complete business processes such as order fulfillment or billing
  • BW (Business Warehouse) –management reporting
  • BI  (Business Intelligence) -replaced BW
  • CFM (Corporate Finance Management) -treasury
  • EBP (Enterprise Buyer Professional) – procurement
  • WAS (Web Application Server) – Web server and Web client


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