Trust Services Methodology

We tailor every audit to our clients’ requirements; however we have a four phase fundamental process that normally meets our clients’ needs and creates an efficient unobtrusive audit so you can focus on your business and we can focus on your compliance.

Scope (phase 1):  WebTrust and SysTrust are based on defined principles with specific evaluation criteria, however each company’s scoping requirements can vary depending on the type of services they perform for their customers.  We have years of experience working with just about every industry and work with our clients to ensure that we cover the appropriate scope (Principle Under Review). The scoping phase of our audit is normally covered during our initial quoting process, but we offer to have a formal meeting with all of our clients to ensure we are on the same page.

Plan (phase 2):  we offer two options for the planning phase of your audit.

1.    We provide our in-house developed questionnaires and request list that are based on Trust Services frameworks which is the foundation for evaluating WebTrust and SysTrust requirements.  Customers benefit from this approach by getting to work at their own pace with just a deadline in mind.

2.    The other option is an onsite visit to perform walkthroughs to gain an understanding of the systems under review.  We then customize our audit plan and deliver a detailed document request list to prepare our clients for phase three (fieldwork).

Fieldwork (phase 3): Our auditors have a minimum of five years of experience with the big 4, large consulting firms and smaller boutique firms specializing in information technology consulting.  Due to this we are efficient and understand what is required for each audit.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to train our auditors, we are qualified at what we sell..

Report (phase 4): Your WebTrust and SysTrust report / seal is essentially what you pay us for, therefore we make sure that we produce quality reports and provide your WebTrust and SysTrust seal of approval timely.  We take pride in delivering quality and timely reports and stand behind everything we issue.

Project Timeline for the Four Phase Audit


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