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SAS 70 Audit for Third Party Administrators

Third Party Administrators (TPAs) perform critical functions for many organizations by processing insurance claims or certain aspects of employee benefit plans. Whether it’s health care administration, insurance claims processing, utilization reviews or processing of benefit plans (i.e.

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SAS 70 Compliance for Payroll Service Providers

The demand for Payroll Service Provides to become SAS 70 compliant has increased with the heighten awareness of information security breaches, identity thief and regulatory compliance. Third party assurance over a company’s outsourced operations is playing an important role for compliance departments today. A SAS 70 audit report can instill trust from your clients and if properly marketed allows organizations to obtain new clients, expanding their existing market share.

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SAS 70 Audit for Software as a Service (SaaS) Providers

Challenging economic times have companies around the world cutting costs and tightening their IT budgets, the potential cost advantages of SaaS over in-house operations is appealing to many organizations. A manageable monthly expense verses a large one-time outlay will continue turning customers to pay as you go SaaS agreements. SAS 70 audits have played an important role to SaaS organizations by providing confidence and assurance to user organizations over the services being offered.

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SAS 70 Audit Services

Assurance Concepts, LLC is a licensed CPA firm specializing in SAS 70 Audit and Compliance Services.

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SAS 70 & Data Center Compliance

Data Center growth has definitely been a bull market the past few years and with increased regulations like Sarbanes Oxley, a need for better disaster recovery plans and new technologies like cloud computing data centers are a focal point for SAS 70 audits. Generally, Colocation and Managed Data Center services are the two major service offerings that are evaluated for Data Center facilities. Download the entire article for free!

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SSAE-16 & ISAE-3402 Are Taking Over SAS-70

Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS 70) has rapidly become a known standard worldwide and its own publicity is ultimately the cause for change (about time). Well it is inevitable that things change, but the new standards that will likely replace SAS 70 audit comes with more flexibility and more responsibility of the service organization.

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SAS 70 Audit | Service Organizations Version of SOX Compliance

There is a common theme going around in businesses today and that is the regulatory compliance and oversight, it’s practically everywhere! SAS 70 Compliance has been a growing popular method for service organizations validating the quality of their operations or to separate themselves from competition by obtaining a SAS 70 audit to illustrate their continued commitment to meeting the strict regulatory compliance.

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SAS 70 Type II Audit

The Type II SAS 70 audit is the highest level of assurance that can be provided for SAS 70 audits, with this a more intense and larger audit is required. The differentiator with the SAS 70 Type II audit compared to the SAS 70 Type I audit is the audit firm conducting a SAS 70 is required to report on your controls over a period of time (normally 6 – 12 months). Due to the larger scope and higher assurance provided by a SAS 70 Type II audit, more companies require this audit from there service organizations especially since the Public Company Oversight Accounting Board (PCA

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SAS 70 Type I Audit

There are two types of SAS 70 audits (Type I and Type II). Many organizations are not certain which audit best fits their needs or is required for their companies objectives. The basic fundamental of a SAS 70 Type I audit is an audit report that provides an opinion on the description of the service organizations controls as of a point in time. This snap shot audit provides a description of controls at the service organization that is validated by an independent auditor.

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SAS 70 Readiness Assessment | How to Prepare for a SAS 70 Audit

There are many organizations who have either internally decided that a SAS 70 audit is in their long term goals or their customers have decided this form them. Either way, proper planning and documentation of policies and procedures is a critical success factor to completing a SAS 70 Type I or Type II audit.

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